Friday, August 16

6:00 pm     Registration outside the Smith Center

                   (Snacks, coffee, tea and drinks available)

7:00-7:20   Worship and Praise

7:20-7:55   Introduction - Dr. Berty Abdelmasih

                  Islam The Challenge to Church and Society

8:00-9:00    First Session - Dr. Jay Smith

  “FAQ – Questions on Jesus Christ & how to answer them”

9:00          Closing Prayer

Saturday, August 17

8:30-9:00    Registration - Coffee and drinks available

9:00-9:20    Worship and praise

9:20-10:30    2nd Session - Dr. Jay Smith

  “FAQ – Questions on the Bible & the Qur’an and how to answer 

10:30-10:45  Short Break

10:45-12:00  3rd Session - Dr. Berty Abdelmasih

             History of Jihad in Islam, what is next? Biblical Prophecy! 

12:00–1:00  Lunch

1:15-2:15    Session 4: Dr. Jay Smith    

        “12 Historical Problems with the Qur’an – Introducing the      newest research”

2:30–3:30   Session 5: Dr. Berty Abdelmasih

                  Prayers, Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism 

3:30-4:30   Tea, Coffee and Cake

4:30-4:45   Worship              

4:45-6:00               Session 6: Dr. Jay Smith

  “Historical Problems with Islam’s Beginnings”, followed by Q & A                 

6:00-7:30   Mediterranean Dinner and Fellowship & Closing Prayers

​There will be Optional Q & A Session during the dinner

You are Free to stay in fellowship and experience exchange till 

9:00 pm